Brand Specs: Organize Your Brand's Personality by Katie Schwarz

Brand Specs: Organize Your Brand's Personality

THIS is the part of branding no one talks about, but it makes a huge difference. Brand Specs is where your organize all the intangible things (like a copy bank) that make your brand awesome.

Are you so over searching for that perfect phrase you wrote down for your sales page (or social media post) a couple days ago?

You’re kicking butt & taking names on building your online presence. Or at least giving it an A+ effort. But searching 5 different places for the notes you took about your new Call-To-Action is getting old. You know that building a real-deal, people-recognize-you-in-Facebook-Groups, kind of brand takes consistency. But how exactly do you pull that off without adding more to your schedule?
  • You’re busy building, running, or scaling your biz. There are so many moving pieces, & keeping track of everything can feel like a full-time job in itself. Never mind your actual client work.

  • You're sick of staring at a blank computer screen & re-inventing the wheel every time you create write a caption or email. 🤔

  • You're smart. You know that consistency is a big deal for building a brand. There’s your website, social media, your emails, & more. But the how is hard.

Get your brand personality organized like a boss. For less than 30 bucks. Say what?!?

  • Enter your Brand Specs. 🙌🙌 Swipe my personal setup & rock your brand's personality. Copy & customize to your heart’s content. Perfect for the solopreneur or to share with your team.

  • Keep all the things that make your brand unique organized & at your fingertips with Brand Specs. Even when you’re on the go. (Hello mobile-friendly!) Time to write that sales page or a social media post? No problem!

  • Brand Specs will help you stay consistent in all the places quickly & easily. Which means more time for that elusive work-life-balance thing. Brand Specs to the rescue!

Ready to feel organized?

Brand Specs is a mini course + template (built in Airtable) to organize all the things that make up your brand. I'm talking the values, words, templates, copy bank, etc. more than the visuals. Although there's a place for those too! I honestly believe you absolutely need to organize #allthethings that help you rock your brand personality. (Even if you’re a right-brained creative.) Getting it done now will help you get on with your biz & serve your people. Sure, you could DIY it. But you’ll get it done faster with Brand Specs. 😉

Kind Words

"Brand Specs is a must-have for any small business that cares about keeping their brand personality cohesive. In this quick course (I did it in an hour!), Katie walks you through how to organize ALL of your brand elements in Airtable. From logos and HEX codes, to copy snippets and your word bank, you’ll have everything organized and at your fingertips. If you’re new to using Airtable, this course is a fast and easy way to get up and running with the tool. Katie’s how-to video is clear and easy to follow (the course is worth it just for the Airtable tutorial!). If you’re already using Airtable, you’ll have your brand specs organized in a flash!
This is exactly what I needed to get my brand sorted, and I would highly recommend this course to any solopreneur. My life just got so. much. easier."
Amy Adams, Shining Insight

A's for your Q's

  • Q: Is this a course or a template?
    A: Good question! It's a mini course that includes a template. This way, I can show you how to set it up & put it to use. 

  • Q: What kinds of things are included in the template?
    A: Here's a list of the sections in the template: Brand Cues (what words describe your brand?), People Cues (what words describe your people?), Your Client's Words, Word Bank, Story Bank, This/Never That, CTA's, Web Page Planner, Email Templates, Color Cues, Type Cues, Moodboard (for documenting your photography style), and File Links. Whew! That's a lot. But don't worry, you can build each section up one at a time.
  • Q: Is this for me?
    A: Brand Specs is for you if you have a business. It's equally helpful for those just starting out & those who've been at it for years. It's also useful for the solopreneur or the biz owner who's stepping into that CEO role. 

  • Does it include graphics (logo template, icons, etc.) to use for my brand?
    Nope. Brand Specs doesn't include any graphics. It does give you a space to organize the things that make up your brand personality. Remember, a brand is more than just a logo or graphics. 

  • Q: What is Airtable?
    A: I'm glad you asked! I built Brand Specs in Airtable because it's the best tool for the job. It's powerful, expandable, easy to learn the basics, & easy on the eyes. (Google Sheets, I'm lookin' at you 🤨) It also has a mobile app if you're on the go.

  • Q: But I prefer Trello, Asana, Google Sheets, etc...
    A: I get it; new systems are hard. I'd encourage you to give Airtable a chance. The video walkthrough should get you up & running quickly. But! I've got you covered with an intro to copying it over to your fav platform.

  • Q: How long do I have access to the template & mini-course?
    A: Forever. As long as I'm around, it's yours!

  • Q: Can I get a refund if I don't like it?
    A: I would definitely be 😟😟😟 if you didn't like it! But because it's a digital product, I don't offer refunds. If you're struggling, reach out to me & we'll get it sorted. Cause I want you to be 😃😃😃!

  • I have a different question.
    Awesome, there should be a chat bubble in the bottom, right corner of your screen. Hit me up! If you don't see it, you can email me at

What's included?

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Brand Specs Template
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